Tridente Architects, and those with whom we work, search and strive for the most applicable yet not necessarily the most obvious solution. Sensitive consultation in conjunction with clear communication facilitates our collective understanding and appreciation of the specific climatic, environmental, physical, social and cultural attributes and, as importantly, the project ethos.

Our design intentionally provides for the physical requirements of contemporary culture and gives expression to this. We do not produce signature architecture and to this end we do not adopt a formulaic approach. Each solution is specific and responsive to each of our clients.

The nature of one's sense of being is greatly affected by the quality of the space they occupy. By understanding and in appreciating this human trait Tridente Architects imbue particular spatial qualities and methods of illumination, utilise specific materials and consider surface and form to create beautiful composition.

What makes the point of difference? To Tridente Architects it is quality and competent resolution. Fundamental to our Practice is the underlying focus on the finite detail; be it in the pragmatic processes, the study of space, form and volume or the selection of materials, fixtures and fittings.

Tridente Architects is not focussed on what trends are developing. We keep informed, but our work is a direct response to each client and accommodates their specific physical, social and philosophical requirements within our broader theoretical beliefs.
Our Environment
Environmental responsibility is no longer an option for any of us. For Tridente Architects this means that all built form should maximise the opportunity for the inclusion of ecologically sustainable design practices. This starts with the responsible implementation of passive design principles, including orientation, solar control, ventilation and water reuse, and culminates with the use of appropriate robust materials that where possible have low embodied energy or are from recycled sources and minimise ongoing maintenance. Where feasible these elements are augmented with energy efficient building services that are user friendly and practically implemented.
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